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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Doing Something For the Families of Sandy Hook Elementary With Care, Be Aware and Share

By:  Kristi Tisor Ambriz

When news broke that a lone gunman unleashed evil on a school full of innocent people, many of us were struck with the need to do something.

Our Wings Like Eagles team assembled together and discussed the ways in which we could help our readers by providing content and resources that could offer encouragement, and lead people to answers to the very questions they would find themselves asking.  Questions like "How?"  "Why?" "What now?"

Unfortunately, most of the answers we come up with aren't answer could be.  Tragedy struck, and no answer can satisfy or change the unfathomable facts.

Still, that need to do something, anything, remains.

With the Care, Be Aware, and Share Event, a wonderful project Glendora, CA merchants are putting together, we really can do something.

Our very own Joelle Deyo interviewed some people, and got the scoop.  Check out her article published through LifeinLA here.

This would be a great project to participate in as a family, classroom, church, or club.

You can drop off your contribution to:

Glendora Interiors
118 N. Glendora Ave.

Glendora Florist
234 N. Glendora Ave.
Cake Mamas
865 W. Route 66, Suite C

Ken Turner Real Estate

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