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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Waiting for the Feast

Mike Runner is my Sunday Guest Contributor, and he brings a perspective to Wings Like Eagles that is unique and challenging. 

I normally cover topics relating to the horror of having someone else bring darkness into the home.  Mike covers the same topics, but from a completely different angle.  He was the one who brought darkness to his family.  Mike is an alcoholic.

It is my hope that the perception of what we think we know about Family Crisis is shaken up a bit.  Because there is far more involved than we think.  Much can be understood by examining the other side, and I deeply appreciate Mike's willingness to help us gain understanding as he shares with us the mind as it is affected by alcoholism.

He isn't just an alcoholic.  He is an intelligent mind, has a bright, hopeful future, and he is my friend.  And this is his story.

Editor's Note:

One of the unique qualities of Wings Like Eagles is that our columnists and I are all people who have lived and experienced Crisis.  We all write from differing perspectives, but the common bond that we all hold is that we know the pain, challenge, and sorrow of living life in ways other than that which we might have dreamed when we were starting out.  This quality we share gives us the ability to speak with voices our readers recognize.  Voices that are familiar to many.

Though we have climbed out of our situations, and have enjoyed the freedom and liberty recovery brings, we still, at times, have situations arise that affect us in our current lives.

Mike is currently walking through such a time.

Last week I said he was "on assignment."  He was.  And he is going to share some of the things he has learned on this assignment, with an eager audience.  I am amongst the most eager.  

It seems as though Mike has subscribed to my method of bringing something great.  For example, in my house, when we have a late dinner and my family is extra hungry, I'm pleased with how wonderfully they find our dinner tastes.  When they have to wait, it just tastes better, and I'm deemed a fabulous cook.

Likewise, Mike has a feast for us, but we will have to wait until we are good and hungry to get it.  But, I know that the entree will be well worth the wait.  He may even throw in dessert.

We hope that your Labor Day Weekend is wonderful, and that you are looking for the many moments of good presented to you today.  Because it's always there, no matter how dark it might seem.

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