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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally Painting the Master Bedroom

When Hugo and I bought our house, the Master Bedroom was pink and white.  And the shade of pink was neither Blush, nor Bashful.

Now, like Shelby, pink is also my signature color.  As a girl, my bedroom was Hot Pink.  But, in the Master Bedroom, it didn't work too well for us.  So, we declared that we were going to paint.

And that was just a couple months shy of two years ago.

It takes a lot of primer to cover deep shades of pink.

A lot of primer.

I'm taking a break right now.  Danielle is Messaging me, and I'm writing while I wait for her response.

No, I'm stalling.  I'm tired.  Feeling tempted to just go with the pink.  Maybe we could just do something like this.


I just need to go back in.

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