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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Update From Kristi...It's Been a While

My life has gotten to be very busy.

It seems like it's been forever since I've been able to write for Wings Like Eagles, so I wanted to check in, and share what's been going on lately.

Since the beginning of last summer, I have had the amazing experience of bringing in 5 contributors to this blog that are rocking my world.

Tracey Hallberg, Mike Runner, Rossy Mosqueda, Joelle Deyo, and John Deyo (whom I've yet to introduce).  Through each of these contributors' columns, we have the opportunity to gain insight through their unique stories, experiences, and information that they have to share.

They are here because they were brought here by a Source far greater than my own imagination.  The ways in which our paths have crossed only to end up on the same road is something we laugh about.  We are all of us aware that we are together because we are supposed to be.

We have a shared vision and plan that is exciting.  We met over the weekend--I love what the next few months will bring.

In addition to running this Crisis Recovery blog, I am an Editor for  I have twenty-five writers assigned to me, 10 of whom write regularly.  In addition to being an Editor there, I have been assisting my LifeinLa Publisher with his desk, as he has been out on a very much deserved vacation this month.

In addition to running this Crisis Recovery blog, being an Editor for LifeinLA, and helping my Publisher with his desk, I am a Celebrate Recovery leader.  With this responsibility, I facilitate an open share group every Monday night, and I have the honor of getting to invest in the lives of the women with whom I come in contact, by praying for, and mentoring them. addition to running this Crisis Recovery blog, being an Editor for LifeinLA, Helping my Publisher with his desk, and serving as a Celebrate Recovery leader, I have women from the community with whom I get together regularly for times of support, refreshment, and encouragement.

And I'm on the Executive Board of the PTA at Lee's school.

It is October, and this month we celebrate Red Ribbon Week, an anti-drug program designed to teach kids that a life without chemical addiction is a life we all need to seek.

I am in charge of Red Ribbon Week.

It has been a busy month.

But as nearly completely overwhelmed I may have been recently, I wake up each day with a smile, and I fall into bed each night with a smile.

There isn't a thing in my life right now that I would change.  I love every responsibility, every pull from my soul, and every mind-snapping event that challenges me every single day.  Because I am not running on my own power.  I am running on a Power far higher than my own, with a Goal far greater than anything I could ever envision.

And I sense it.

I sense that there is something big brewing within me, through me, and in spite of me, and this is energizing.

Though I admit that at times I call Hugo Luke (the dog), and I caught myself trying to put the milk in a kitchen cupboard, I have been able to function well in this new environment that continues to take shape and morph slightly each week.

This is my life as I know it today, and it just might not be the same life in a month from now, but I am confident that each step I take down the road that has been clearly laid before me is a step in the right direction.

It is awesome to be able to say that.

My family is well.  Hugo is working hard, Tessa, Danielle, and Adam are studying hard at our local community college, Abi is a dedicated high school student, and Lee is a busy elementary student trying to keep up with his older siblings.

Luke the Dog is getting old.  He is 13 1/2, and that is very old for a Labrador.  But, he shadows me and brings us all great joy.

It is our hope that Wings Like Eagles is bringing our readers encouragement, and that we are generating thought-provoking material that directly benefits you, as well as anyone else in your life that might benefit from our work.  We want to reach as many people as we can, with the message of hope.  That there really is hope on the other side of Crisis.

We value each reader, and we thank you for being a part of our family.

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