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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Debuting the Photography of Lori Kyle

In a post a couple of weeks ago titled, What Kind of a Childhood Are You Giving Your Kids?,  I mentioned that on my dad's 75th Birthday, we took him to The Greek Theatre to see Neil Diamond.

The event was a family venture, 100%.  I was not on assignment with Life in L.A., and I didn't take notes.  I immersed myself in the night, the experience with my dad and family, and in the music of Neil Diamond.  Because, growing up in our house, our dad had Neil Diamond playing a lot, especially during the most happy moments.


I am a writer.  And to properly record the night into my memory, lest it be forgotten, I had to write about it.  I contacted Ed, my editor at Life in L.A., and I pitched my idea to him.  How about I go ahead and write an article, and I can even include the photographs of my lovely sister, Lori Kyle?  Totally on the house.

As a result, our record of the night has been journaled, and captured on film, and my photographically gifted sister went and got herself published.  A star is born.

Ed only had room to use 4 of her shots.  So here are a few more to enjoy, including the group shot of the family.  Lori didn't take that one.  You'll find her in it, third from the right.

But first, check out my Life in L.A. article here, so you can see with your very own eyes, the best of the Lori Kyle originals floating around Los Angeles, and beyond.

Before the Show.  Hugo, Kristi, My Sister Misti, Mom, Dad, My Sister Lori, Aunt Liz, Uncle Tom

His Fantabulous Back Up Singers

Love His Music

They Just Sang You Don't Bring Me Flowers

So Intense

So Warm

Love This Shot!

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