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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grauman's Chinese 6 Theatres 25 Cent Family Flicks Event

It brings my heart huge doses of joy when I think about my beautiful readers, including my readers in faraway lands.  Partly because wherever I have a reader, I have a potential friend, and someone who will one day be my guide as I travel to the distant land you get to call home.

Likewise, whenever it comes time for you to head out to Sunny California, you know who you can call.  I'll hook you up with some good sights to see, and great people meet.

Take, for instance, the months of July or August of this year.  Anyone who lives here, or travels here needs to read what I am about to write:

Grauman's Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood is offering 25 CENT family movies during the months of July and August!

And 4 hours of parking, for only $2.

I'm dead-dog serious.  When we do flips for $1 movies, what on earth will we do for 25 cent movies?!

Whenever I cover a story, I take pictures for my own personal use, so that I can refer back to them while I'm writing my article.  Here is a pic of the special Family Flicks Menu I wrote about in my article, so you see first-hand what this special menu pricing is like.

While we're on the topic of saving money, here's another Life in L.A. article my publisher keeps posted and current.  It's a list of free things to enjoy in L.A.  You can see that article here.

I'm heading back to Grauman's Tuesday to take the new tour they offer, and to see The Watch with Hugo (yes!!).  

I was originally just going to cover the 25 Cent Family Flicks story, but while I was working on it with Jerry Brown, a Grauman's rep (and not our governor), he asked me to come back and check out Grauman's Chinese Theatre itself, and do a story on it as well.  Somewhere in between there, though, a madman killed innocent people in Colorado, which led to me being asked to cover the candle light vigil a couple of nights ago.  It's ended up being a whole lotta Grauman's visits, but I've loved every one.  It is absolutely beautiful down there.  They have really renovated the whole Hollywood and Highland Center beautifully.  Between that, and the Grauman's forecourt, it's a fun place to spend a few hours.

What is your favorite thing to do in L.A.?

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